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Researcher PRO for Note Taking Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Researcher PRO for Note Taking

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Discover, search and import a paper is a normal operation that we do constantly.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Researcher PRO for Note Taking is now available on the regular basis.

ResearcherPRO has been designed to help researchers and anyone who is interested in reading papers, in facilitating many operations such as discover them, organize them, sync them and note taking on them.

Discover, search and import a paper is a normal operation that we do constantly. That's why the app allows you to do that very easily. The Discover feature has integration with the major search engines (pubmed, scholar, arxiv, ...) to help you find what you need, import it and start working on it right away.

We are not interested in hosting your papers and ask you to pay for it such as other services because we are aware that most of us already have that collection either locally on our computer or hosted on a cloud file provider such as Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive and others. What we do is allow you to "link/import" a paper from the Cloud Integration of the app and allows you to sync after editing (ex: note taking) a paper automatically.

Our Mendeley integration (account is not required) is our cherry on the cake because every paper stored in the app will show details that you need even without opening it, including a detail view with much more (references, abstract, ...).

Last but not least: Apple Pencil support. Apple gave us this instrument that we can use to take notes on our papers and here we are, to support that as well.

To summarize:
- Ability to organize papers locally in folders
- Tags support
- Nice detail of any paper by title, abstract, journal and so on
- Integration with the major cloud providers (Dropbox, Google Drive, ...) with sync support (auto-upload after note taking)
- Apple Pencil support for note taking
- Mendeley integration (account not required)
- Discoverer: search new papers on PubMed, Arvix and many more! Import them straight away in the app
- A nice widget that you can put on your home screen with you working papers


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iPhone, iPad

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