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Restyler Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Restyler

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Transform your photos OR create AMAZING textures with built-in texture generators.
$4.99 EXPIRÉ

This giveaway offer has been expired. Restyler is now available on the regular basis.

Transform your photos OR create AMAZING textures with built-in texture generators.

Additional features (create AMAZING textures)
• Fantasmic Textures (create and export SUPER random textures)
• Create stripes or matrix
• Patternion integrated (create and export SIMPLE random textures)
• Sophia textures integrated (create and export COMPLEX random textures)
• Manipulator (easy to use tool to blend/filter multiple images/textures)

Tiles generator engine: Tilernion
• After creating texture with Fantasmic/Patternion/Sophia, use Tilernion to make various tiles-textures

• Select existing photo OR take photo
• Select preset
• Restyle photo
• Share restyled photo up to 4000x4000 in size OR order product with restyled photo (Mugs, Phone Snap Cases, Cushions, etc.)

BASIC mode
• Predefined p1-p8 presets

PRO mode
• N - Normal preset
• ABC - Characters-drawn preset
• M - Monochrome
• C - Colors transformed

Global settings
• Predefine characters for ABC presets
• Predefine redefine vertical/horizontal cells count
• Enable post-processing effects
• Enable auto zoom-preview

Available products you can order with restyled photo
• Phone Snap Cases
• Phone Tough Cases
• Magnet Frames
• Tote Bags
• Cushions
• Tablet Cases
• Photo Books
• Mugs
• Postcards
• Greeting Cards
• T-shirts
• Hoodie
• Invitations
• Posters
• Magnets
• Stickers
• Print


Marko Sabotin


Photo & Video




43.57 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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