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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - ReViiV

ReViiV is a new App that can relieve many Long Haul symptoms, often starting within 24 hours.
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ReViiV is a new App that can relieve many Long Haul symptoms, often starting within 24 hours. Reviiv uses daily guided nose breathing exercises and weekly progress tests to assist the millions of “Long Haulers” globally. Created by a Long Haul patient, ReViiV is safe, 100% natural and can be done nearly anywhere in minutes a day using a mobile phone.

Co-developed with post-viral experts, Doctors & patients, ReViiV was designed to alleviate common Long Haul symptoms, including fatigue, muscle ache, loss of taste/smell, shortness of breath, brain fog and more, often starting within 24 hours. ReViiV includes daily guided & progressive breathing exercises, weekly progress tests and graphs, along with useful guides & tips. ReViiV is easy to use and will automatically adjust intensity to match a user’s progress.

The therapy behind Reviiv has been fast tracked by the FCC and first tested with Long Haul patients at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, a global leader in Long Haul research. While the underlying causes of Long Haul symptoms are not yet well understood, the research found that the virus can impact the auto-immune system and reduce ongoing breathing quality, leading to a chronic imbalance of CO2 and Oxygen in the body.

Correcting this imbalance while steadily improving breathing quality can help alleviate many of the persistent Long Haul symptoms and is the foundation of the ReViiV therapy. For more information on the science behind ReViiV please visit our website.

ReViiV: Long Haul Relief - Download now & feel better tomorrow!

*** Features ***

• Daily guided nose breathing exercises to alleviate Long Covid symptoms.
• Weekly progress tests to track improvement.
• Safe and 100% natural solution.
• Co-developed with leading post-viral experts, doctors, and patients.
• Automatic intensity adjustment to match user's progress.
• Includes useful guides and tips for maximum effectiveness.
• Tested at a global leader in post-viral research for maximum effectiveness.
• Available Globally for iOS phones & tablets
• Created by a Long Haul patient for a personal touch.
• Helps to alleviate common symptoms such as fatigue, loss of taste and smell, shortness of breath, and brain fog.

*** Functionality ***

• 16 stages of daily guided breathing exercises
• Weekly timers and graphs to measure progress
• Benefits may be noticeable within days
• 100% natural, safe & non-intensive
• Can be done nearly anywhere in minutes a day
• No additional hardware or subscription required

ReViiV: Long Haul Relief - Download now & feel better tomorrow!


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Health & Fitness




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iPhone, iPad

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