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Revolution-Edit Others History Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Revolution-Edit Others History

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This app has a UNIQUE feature that enables you to edit, delete and control the text messages.
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Revolution-Edit Others History
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For the 1st time ever, we've created this messaging app that lets you control your RECIPIENT's conversation history.

Yes! You've heard right.

This app has a UNIQUE feature that enables you to edit, delete and control the text messages, as well as delete voice messages, photos and videos that have already been sent to your Recipients’ device at ANY given time (no time limit at all) AFTER the message has already landed in the conversation history, WITHOUT the possibility of the Recipient EVER getting notified about such action or getting to know about it at all.

This feature works for one on one as well as for group chat, for both text AND voice message.

Such a feature is highly crucial, convenient and beneficial especially as regards to the time interval between sending the message and it being “Seen” by the recipient.

After sending a message that you regret or don't like, and decide to “Do something about it", you've got the option to select that particular message and choose between the following options:

"Edit/Delete message from my device"
"Edit/Delete message from recipient’s device" OR to execute the above mentioned options for "both devices", where upon one of the above mentioned actions it gets safely deleted from the server, fully respecting your privacy.

These features exist for photo,video and voice messages as well, by giving you the option to “Delete” the voice message and record a new one, without the Recipient ever getting notified about it.

All these options work for group chat as well.

Revolution also offers all the other usual features that are available in most messaging apps which are:

A) Status update.

B) Media and file sharing (Photo/Video).

C) Voice and video messaging and more.

This app contains NO annoying ads !


Mohamed Baharia


Social Networking




50.83 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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