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Simple and non-intrusive monitoring app for those you love.

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Ditch the button. Simple and non-intrusive monitoring app for those you love.

If you live alone and want the comfort of knowing someone is thinking and checking in on you, Rlyf is what you need. Rlyf is an automated monitoring app that provides a non-intrusive way to Checkin on the people you love the most.

Rlyf monitors your daily activity through technology built into every device; along with our powerful algorithms, we provide automated real-time CheckIn's to let you know when your loved one last used their device.

The idea of Rlyf was born when one of the founder's grandmothers fell while at her house. She was fine, but she said she felt lucky she didn't get hurt. She would have laid there the whole day until someone called or came by to check on her. The founder thought there has to be a better way to check-in on his grandmother.

There is a better way with, Rlyf.

This is only the beginning for Rlyf. We have a long list of enhancements and improvements to make your user experience even better. Let us know how else we can better serve you and start getting Rlyf today.


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