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Rx Noise- Pink Noise for Sleep Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Rx Noise- Pink Noise for Sleep

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Rx Noise’s pink noise app will help soothe you to deeper levels of sleep and concentration.
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Rx Noise- Pink Noise for Sleep
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Recorded and mastered specifically for sleep and concentration, Rx Noise’s pink noise app will help soothe you to deeper levels of sleep and concentration.

Pink Noise vs White Noise, what is the difference? Simply put, pink noise is smoother than white noise and is considered more soothing to the human ear that white noise.
Imagine having an app that plays soothing sounds for deep sleep throughout the whole night. An app that uses science-based sound which has shown improvement in sleep, memory, attention, and concentration.

Introducing Pink Noise for Sleep, the simplest endless pink noise app. Press play and enjoy deep calming noises which use all frequencies that the human ear can hear (20 to 20,000 hertz) mastered and equalized specifically for the iphone to transmit the soothing sound of pink noise

Pink noise is not something new. You’ve heard it all around you (fan, ocean waves, wind, rainfall) and is very similar to white noise. Unlike white noise, the higher pitched frequencies are lower in volume in pink noise, creating a much less “harsh” sound.

Think of it as the quickest way to calmness and peace. Just press play before sleep and enjoy deep sleep and fall asleep faster. Use it daily and enjoy improved memory too. Put your headphones on, and instantly concentrate with deeper focus when working and studying, Alternatively, meditate and simply block surrounding noise by simply listening to this deep & balanced pink noise.

Forget about interruptions. Our simple pink noise generator has a simple press to play & pause interface. Press play and enjoy uninterrupted pink noise sleep sounds. When you are done simply press the pause button or turn off the app.

Whether you are looking for sounds that enable deep sleep and concentration or you are simply having a hard time to fall asleep, Pink Noise for Sleep is a must-have.

Don’t delay and experience the optimal fusion of high and low frequencies to improve sleeping and memory!

Sleep better & remember more = > Get Pink Noise for Sleep


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