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SalaryBook HD Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - SalaryBook HD

Keep track of your worked hours and earnings on-the-go with SalaryBook, make sure any billable hour doesn’t go unaccounted.
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SalaryBook HD
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Keep track of your worked hours and earnings on-the-go with SalaryBook, make sure any billable hour doesn’t go unaccounted. Enter your time entries and your pay will be displayed in a variety of formats for easy analysis. It keeps your income and work time in perspective by allowing you to quickly and easily view it in different time periods.

- What users are saying -
** "Best app for time tracking I've seen yet. Simple to use, flexible, accurate and concise." **

** "I love this app it helps me keep track of multiple clients and jobs." **

** "This app is awesome! I used to fall behind in keeping track of my hours and expenses only to fall short on my own money and now it's so simple for me I actually look forward to it" **

SalaryBook is perfect for freelancers, consultants & professionals who charge for their services on an hourly basis and who need a way to manage and keep track of flexible working hours and earnings. For a single - or multiple Jobs.

SalaryBook helps you see the big picture within a quick and easy glance.
It’ll give you answers on questions like: on which days have I been working? How much, and on what? Is all that time billable time? And how much did I make ?

The inbuilt calendar enables you to easily control and track your working time. You can enter manually working period details such as hourly rate, start & end time, billable time and extra amount, or by setting up a default work schedule.

Tracking time shouldn't take time. SalaryBook is designed to respect you time, entering worked time and pay rate is intuitive and easy by using the calendar. The time spend on managing you work time and earnings is reduced to a minimum.

Keep a watchful eye on your time and salary by easily generating daily or monthly reports covering any period of time, giving you an overview of earnings and worked hours. Export for any period of time an overview of all work & earnings details to your email account for archiving or further analysis.

Feature Highlights:
• Designed for those who want to calculate or keep track of the hours they work.
• Displayed monetary units and date formats based on your device’s regional settings.
• Support for multiple work periods on the same day.
• Ability to add multiple jobs
• Use colors for jobs on the calendar
• Report chart bars to visualise all work data
• Supported pay periods weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly pay period.
• Ability to add overtime
• Support for work-hours which continue into the next day (night shifts).
• Ability to add notes for each work period entry.
• Ability to add non billable time and extra money (e.g. tips).
• Export by email an overview of daily or monthly totals.
• Backup and keep your data safe and restore it later through your Dropbox account.
• PassCode security protects data.
• Simple, attractive interface.
• Custom large number pad.

If time is money, knowing where your time is going will help you understand where your money is going as well. SalaryBook will help you to track the time you spend on your work to better assess how well you're working, not just how long you're working. Don't let time get away from you, and don't fail to value your time.

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