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Scan2PDF Mobile is the simplest, fastest document scanner.
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Scan2PDF Mobile
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Scan2PDF Mobile is the simplest, fastest document scanner and uses your device camera to scan paper documents and convert them into PDFs. Features include:

- Simple scanning: scan multiple pages in one single session. Scan2PDF Mobile will automatically recognise pages and scan them automatically!
- Folder storage: organise your PDFs into folders with a simple folder system. This means you can store all your scanned PDFs in their logical places - eg bills, passports, letters etc.
- iCloud sync: your PDFs can be automatically synced with your iCloud drive meaning you can access them elsewhere as well as providing a secure automated backup.
- PDF encryption: protect your PDFs by adding a password when you create them.
- Append: you can append pages to an existing PDF, useful for keeping all monthly bills in a single PDF by appending pages as each bill comes in.
- Share: share your PDFs using the standard iOS share facility - you can print, email or save elsewhere.

Scan2PDF Mobile is fully functional and free with ads or you can remove the ads by subscribing.

View our terms and conditions at https://scan2pdf.com/eula and our privacy policy at https://scan2pdf.com/privacy








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