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ScheduleNote - Photo calendar Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - ScheduleNote - Photo calendar

A fun and easy-to-use schedule management app that can display events, tasks, and photos together in a calendar.

This giveaway offer has been expired. ScheduleNote - Photo calendar is now available on the regular basis.

Appointments is a fun and easy-to-use schedule management app that can display events, tasks, and photos together in a calendar.
Viewing, creating, and editing data is very smooth, and it is packed with functions that can be used conveniently and conveniently from work to private life.


● Month display
Displays events and tasks on a monthly basis. You can easily move to next month / last month or next year / year by swiping.
You can see the schedule at a glance because the color and display format can be divided for each type of calendar and each registered data. For example, it is easier to see if you have separate displays for birthday events, referral events, and regular events.
You can also make the calendar more visible to suit different lifestyles by setting the background color for the start day and holidays.
In addition, the mark / number of shots is displayed on the day when a photo or video is taken, which is a hint when searching for a photo in association with an event.

● Day display
If you tap the day you want to see in detail, events, tasks, and photos will be displayed in a list format. Not only the title and time but also the location and memo are displayed, so you can easily understand the schedule.
If the title is long, you can choose to display it over multiple lines or in one line.
You can select a list format with a large amount of information or a collection format with large thumbnails as the display format of the photos.
Registration of events and tasks is easy. You can tap the "+" button to register an event, or drag to register a task. If you press and hold it, you can quickly register events and tasks based on the registered templates.
In addition to texts, memos that can be created for each day can be placed with photos and videos, so you can use them for work or as a diary. Also, when browsing the website, you can transfer the URL to today's memo from your browser.

● Simple and easy-to-read data display
・ Event
The start / end time, title, location, and memo are displayed (day display). An "!" Mark is displayed on the event for which an alarm has been set.
The deadline time, title, and memo are displayed. Tap the button to switch between completed and incomplete (day display). Completed tasks have a strikethrough in the title, as you can see at a glance.
You can also set the task display option to show completed tasks, show overdue tasks together today, and show unfinished tasks today.
・ Photo / Video / Recording
In list view, favorite buttons, thumbnails, shooting time, file name, image size / recording time are displayed. If a title or caption is set, that will take precedence.
You can magnify, play, delete, and view and set metadata for photos and videos.
If you manage your photos in iCloud, you can share the set metadata between iOS devices that have the same Apple ID.
* Metadata cannot be shared between iOS device and Mac. To view the metadata set in this app on your Mac, you need to email the photo from the Photos app or save it to a file.

● Search
You can search for events, tasks, and photos all at once.
Data can be extracted from titles and memos registered in events and tasks, place names, or titles and descriptions set in photos, place names, and keywords.
Search results are listed by month. You can tap to see details or delete selected items at once.
You can also view all photos taken that day from the details view.

● Other useful functions
There are recording function, template function, and event batch registration function that are useful for meetings and meetings.

Please enjoy our app, which is useful for managing your work schedule and looking back on your memories.
We also look forward to future improvements and improvements, and we look forward to hearing your opinions and requests.








6.5 MB




English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese


iPhone, iPad

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