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Semitone - Music Education Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Semitone - Music Education

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Semitone is a music theory education and reference app.
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Semitone - Music Education
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Semitone is a music theory education and reference app that helps you learn about music through interactive challenges and extensive reference material for piano and guitar.

▸ Interactive Challenges:
- Complete the Chord Progression: Test your understanding of keys and modes by figuring out which chord is missing.
- Complete the Scale: Figure out which note is missing from the scale.
- Note, Interval, Chord, and Scale identification challenges for piano and guitar.

▸ Chord and Scale Reference for Guitar and Piano:
- Charts featuring chords for most common scales, useful for memorizing chords by key, transposing songs, or learning songs by ear.
- Chord and scale diagrams for piano and guitar.

Let us know your thoughts! We're hoping to make Semitone the most approachable way of learning music theory, and would love to have your feedback as we plan out our next features.


Duncan Gillespie






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iPhone, iPad

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