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Shopkins: Shop n' Seek Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Shopkins: Shop n' Seek

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The FIRST mobile Augmented Reality (AR) game featuring “virtual unboxing” of collectable Shopkins characters.
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Shopkins: Shop n' Seek
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The FIRST mobile Augmented Reality (AR) game featuring “virtual unboxing” of collectable Shopkins characters. Shopkins: Shop n’ Seek is a new AR experience where you can make Shopkins digitally appear in the real world!

Follow your Shoppie through the magical door that connects your real world to the whimsical lands full of Shopkin surprises. Begin your adventure collecting Shopkins wherever you are!

FIND – Walk around with your Shoppie on a fun journey to virtually unbox the Shopkins hidden in magical blue boxes around the world.

COLLECT – The Shopkins you’ve unboxed are then stored in your Toybox. See your shelves fill up with your favorite characters. Use the hints to guess which Shopkins are missing.

PLAY – Once you have collected your Shopkins, you can play with them whenever you want in AR! You can make them dance, jump, spin, bounce, fly, and more within your world! Take pictures to share with your friends and family!

Level up by gaining experience points as you travel through the Shopkins world and receive coins to unlock your favorite Shoppies to join you in your adventures!

Shopkins Shop n’ Seek requires a connection to play and cannot be played offline. Compatibility is not guaranteed for devices without GPS capabilities or devices that have Location Services disabled. Some in-game features and content may require these services to be enabled.

Support: www.shopkinsgame.com/contactus or
Email: support@shopkinsgame.com
Terms of Use: www.shopkinsgame.com/terms
Privacy Policy: www.shopkinsgame.com/privacy

Stay Connected:
Visit our official site at www.shopkinsgame.com

Follow us on:
Twitter at www.twitter.com/shopnseek
Facebook: www.facebook.com/shopnseek
Instagram: www.instagram.com/shopkins_shopnseek


Blipd, LLC






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iPhone, iPad

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