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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Shuffles

Shuffles is designed and created to keep your messages private.
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Shuffles is designed and created to keep your messages private.
A lot of mes­sen­gers use END-TO-END en­cryp­tion to pro­tect your mes­sages. But END to END en­cryp­tion has one big issue, it can't pro­tect your mes­sages when some­one 'for ex­am­ple gov­ern­ment' easily can copy your phone SIM card and within a minute via your card Sign-Ins your mes­sen­ger account and receives your messages.

How we protect your messages when someone copies your phone SIM card?

Shuffles allows you to set your own passcode to your messages, on this case if somebody copies your phone SIM card and Sign-ins to your Shuffles account in order to receive your messages, they won't be able to read them since they don't know your passcode.

In case somebody breaks servers and catches your messages they can't read them, because servers contain only shuffled messages.

When a recipient receives your shuffled messages they will be immediately removed from the servers.

• How does Shuffles make the message private?
Shuffles convert your text message into an image, then splits into small 100 thousand pieces and shuffles them like a puzzle using the passcode you chose.

• How can shuffled messages be recovered?
A shuffled message can only be recovered by entering the passcode. (The broken parts of shuffled message return to their initial position by entering the passcode ) 

Actually the algorithm 'shuffling the message' is an open-source and everybody can investigate it. Even if you know the algorithm you can't recover the message if you don't know the passcode. The rule in math won't allow it.

Protect your messages with a completely new approach that gives them 100% security.

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Clean Pics LLC


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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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