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Silly Street Learn & Play Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Silly Street Learn & Play

A pass n’ play game for the whole family.

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From the creators of the award-winning Silly Street board game, comes an exciting new app: Silly Street Learn & Play. A pass n’ play game for the whole family, this app helps kids build creativity, grit, empathy, curiosity, bravery & communication through movement, song, storytelling & major silliness.

The app has been described as more fun than a barrel of monkeys, because within the app, there is literally a barrel of monkeys…& so much more!

Kids need more than just cognitive skills to build a solid foundation for learning. Strong Character is proven to help kids become more confident, content, & successful in the classroom & on the playground. The Silly Street Learn & Play App is designed to help kids build these Character Skills: Grit, Creativity, Bravery, Communication, Curiosity, Empathy & Adaptability, using play challenges that are thoughtful and completely hilarious!

- Play alone or with your friends! Up to 6 players- Pass ’n Play utilizes technology to facilitate interaction with friends & family.
- Game play involves the real world, not just the digital world!
- Simple game play allows kids to shine
- Narrated game, so pre-readers & readers alike will enjoy
- Kids can play with the whole cast of funny Silly Street characters!
- Additional Card Packs can be purchased to keep play fresh and to help kids with specific developmental needs
- Silly Street Learn & Play App can also be used as digital decks of cards alongside the Silly Street board game

A variety of card packs like the ones below.
- Wild Cards pack is a roaring good time as kids explore animals and build creativity, communication & grit...oh my!
- Big Heart Cards are all love. Build empathy with cards that give you all the feels.
- Pirate Caaards...Hey Ho, brave pirates! Time to take to the seas and prove your courage!
- Into the Woods Cards take you to the forrest to build creativity and adaptable thinking with our woodland friends!
- The Boardwalk Cards take you on a stroll for a pile of fun and challenging performances! Build bravery & creativity!
- Sensational Cards tickle the senses, and use each sense in funny ways and help kids build awareness!

"It has prompted her to be more interactive, make better eye contact, engage in conversation more, and generally helped her social interaction with our family. My daughter loves the fun antics that ensue from the card activities. She laughs and jumps around with excitement the whole time we are playing.” Rich T.

“They have asked to take it to grandparents' houses, friends' houses, invite friends over to play, and now that I’ve got it on my phone, to play at the store, post office, everywhere!” Beta Tester

“I love that this is an app that gets my family up, moving & laughing together! We spend less time looking at the screen and more time looking at each other.” Beta Tester

"It's definitely our favorite game." Beta Tester

The Silly Street Learn & Play App encourages a healthy perspective on incorporating technology into your kiddo’s life. This Tech Togetherness uses technology to facilitate good times, learning, laughs and bonding through play. Using the Silly Street Learn & Play App with kids helps model a healthy relationship with technology. It’s the modern-day game night, any time of day!

Bonus! If you already own a Silly Street game board, this app has TWICE the fun. In the “Play With Your Game Board” mode, use the app as a digital deck of cards for endlessly new play.

Building Character through play is Silly Street's mission with award-winning games, toys, and apps that help kids build confidence, empathy, bravery, creativity, curiosity, adaptability, and grit. Check out playsillystreet.com for more on building character through thoughtfully designed play.

Instagram: @playsillystreet
Twitter: @playsillystreet
Facebook: facebook.com/playsillystreet


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