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SILO Zen - Meditation Timer Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - SILO Zen - Meditation Timer

Enhance your meditation — using silent (haptic) cues to guide you during timed mindfulness practice.

This giveaway offer has expired. SILO Zen - Meditation Timer is now available on the regular basis.

Enhance your meditation — using silent (haptic) cues to guide you during timed mindfulness practice.

SILO the Apple Watch to tap you on the wrist during meditation intervals. Do your practice without having to worry about the clock, or disturb those around you with a noisy timer.

Simple to set up
Customize your meditative practice(s) by adding a series of timers, right from your iPhone. This automatically syncs to your Watch. When you're ready, just pull up your Watch and tap to begin. A tap on the wrist cues you at each interval. During your practice, glance at the watch for current status and to preview what's up next.

Tracking progress
After a session, SILO displays your mindfulness minutes, which are then saved to HealthKit.

Fully customizable
SILO is super easy to customize with up to three Presets, right on your watch. Start from the iPhone to set up each practice. you can also edit the names of the Presets and Intervals – press "Sync" and you're all set.

Meditation and Yoga practices are essential to harmonizing your inner self with the world. It takes much effort and patience to perform a series of differently timed practices. SILO |zen| is meant to train you to complete timed practices unassisted.

• Simple setup (set and forget)
• Three customizable Presets
• Haptic notifications between meditation intervals
• Unique haptic notification at end of session
• Meditate without the iPhone
• Integrated with HealthKit Mindfulness Minutes
• Post-meditation mindfulness minutes
• Preview the next activity
• Rearrange Presets by hold & drag
• Up to 8 activities per practice
• Rearrange activities by hold & drag
• Practice in airplane mode to avoid interruptions
• Force-press to bring up the menu, to pause a session

Learn more at silozen.com

*Apple Watch Required


Omar Hijaz


Health & Fitness




29.64 MB






iPhone, iPod touch

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