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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - SimilarPhotos

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Root out not just duplicate photos, but also very similar ones.
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Why keep unnecessary multiple copies of practically the same photos? If your like most people, you take multiple photos of the same people, places and things all the time. This ensures a great shot, but quickly uses up your iPhone's limited memory. This is where Similar Photo Finder can help. A must have app for every iPhone user.

Similar Photo Finder helps you root out not just duplicate photos, but also very similar ones. So you can remove them and gain lost space on your iPhone. Rather than relying on inaccurate photo names and sizes to find copies like most other apps, Similar Photo Finder intelligently compares photos visually at the pixel level . This leads to a very accurate analysis of which photos may be similar and not just duplicates.

What makes Similar Photo Finder unique is that the algorithms used by Similar Photo Finder have been developed by an aerospace engineer over years. The results are amazing! Now similar photos of people with their eyes shut, or are looking away or not smiling can be accurately found and removed.

With Similar Photo Finder, photos that are not 100% identical and wasting precious and limited memory can no longer hide. And, it is very easy to use. Just select an album or albums and Similar Photo Finder's intelligent and fast scanning engine finds all similar photos.

Once all similar photos are found, you can quickly verify the ones you want to keep or delete by using your thumb . Once all photos are selected, you can remove them with a single tap. There is also an Undo by using iPhone's built in retrieve deleted photos option. This allow you to recover all photos if you change your mind. Try it today. All you have to lose are similar photos using up your iphone's limited memory.


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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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