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Sing Your Part Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Sing Your Part

Sing Your Part helps you learn your vocal part for hymns.
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Sing Your Part
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Sing Your Part helps you learn your vocal part for hymns. Select a hymn, adjust the volumes of the four vocal parts, and press play. It is that simple! Learning your part is now as accessible as reaching in your pocket. Owning a piano and having the skills to play it are no longer necessary to learn your vocal part. Listen and practice anywhere—while getting ready in the morning, while making dinner, or on the go. Plus, with Sing Your Part you can adjust the volumes of all voices so you can practice harmonizing with the other parts. Soon you will be able to sing hymns in a comfortable voice range alongside others singing different harmonies.

Pastors and music leaders can prepare the whole church for worship by supplying a list of hymns for the upcoming church service. Church members then simply click on “This Week” to see this list of hymns and can come to church better-prepared to worship God.

IMPORTANT: Sing Your Part is geared for older hymns in the public domain and not newer copyrighted worship music. Parts are played on a MIDI piano, and do not include voices or words.


• Browse available hymns
• Search for a specific hymn
• Independently adjust soprano, alto, tenor, and bass volumes
• Change tempo
• Adjust song location to practice a particular part of the song
• Practice this week’s hymns for your upcoming church service if your music leader is using Sing Your Part


Crescendo Software LLC






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iPhone, iPad

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