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Sky High! Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Sky High!

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Spend hours playing this, relaxing, fun and addicting game trying to lift your house as high as you can.

This giveaway offer has been expired. Sky High! is now available on the regular basis.

Spend hours playing this, relaxing, fun and addicting game trying to lift your house as high as you can. Collect rising balloons and destroy falling bombs to help lift the house higher. Collect coins along the way by destroying bombs. Use these coins to purchase upgrades and abilities in the shop. Complete missions and unlock awards for extra coins.

--------------- HOW TO PLAY ---------------
• Use your finger to collect balloons to lift the house of the ground.
• Destroy bombs before they hit balloons by dragging them into each other.
• Dragging bombs into each other creates coins.
• Use your finger to collect the coins.
• In the shop coins can be spent on purchasing upgrades and abilities.
• Try to lift the house as high as you can.
• Complete missions and unlock awards for extra coins to spend.

--------------- MAIN FEATURES ---------------
• "Money Multiplier" allows you to gain more coins quickly throughout the game.
• "Balloon Strength" allows for your balloons to be hit by a more bombs before popping.
• "Balloon Lift" allows each balloon you collect to lift the house higher.
• "Balloon Capacity" allows your house to be able to hold more balloons.

• "Coin Magnet" allows all coins to be collected automatically.
• "Balloon Storm" gives you an instant 9 balloons to gain a head start with.
• "More Balloons" creates extra balloons in the game to be collected.
• "Mighty Wind" allows each balloon to double the distance it raises the house by.

There are 8 awards available to unlock. By unlocking each one you can gain extra coins to use towards purchasing upgrades and abilities.

There are many unique challenging missions to complete throughout the game. Complete these to gain extra coins.

--------------- OTHER FEATURES ---------------
• Relaxing music
• Simple controls and design
• Beatable high scores
• Hours of fun game play

--------------- SOCIAL ---------------
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Ben Walsh






11.2 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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