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Sleep Deeply and Easily Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Sleep Deeply and Easily

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To relax you need proper sleep and to sleep your body needs to be well relaxed.
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Sleep Deeply and Easily
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To relax you need proper sleep and to sleep your body needs to be well relaxed. Do you have trouble falling asleep and waking up? Now, you can help overcome your sleep troubles with the help of an audio recording that can relax you and help you get better rest.

Sleep Deeply and Easily - An app to help you relax and fall asleep with its world-renowned "Words to Live by," a stress reduction recording, which was developed under a grant from Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical, and over one-quarter million were distributed by physicians in a stress management campaign.

The patients were treated with the following:
1. To reduce stress during the day
2. To help fall asleep at night
3. To help in relaxing the mind and body

The features of our App:

Sleep Therapy - Listen to this special 30-minute sleep recording by Mr. Barry Zecca, M.A. to help you reduce stress during the day and to help you fall asleep at night.

Reminder Notifications - Manage your sleep and wake up times with an easy to use Reminders. You can customize the title of the notifications so you can use it to create time management notifications during the day.

We are geared to help you manage your sleep and wake up times so you can perform better during your busy schedule and break any bad habits that prevent you from performing better. The Sleep Deeply and Easily App can act as your performance coach to achieve higher results.

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