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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Smart Math Flashcard

MATH RECALL is a smart math flashcard app that monitors what you know and where you still need practice.
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Smart Math Flashcard
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MATH RECALL is a smart math flashcard app that monitors what you know and where you still need practice. Choose the most valuable skills for you: review, timed, find the missing number, practice facts, and mastery. 

Quickly see where you need more practice in a color-coded format. All basic operations are covered: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (+, −, ×, ÷).

Go from simple facts like 0+1=1 to more difficult equations such as -14 x 13=-182, with the app showing you the correct answer if you make a mistake. Full customization is possible: choose the numbers and operations you want to review or practice. The Mastery skill starts simple and works up to total mastery, monitoring your progress and repeating questions where there was difficulty. Excellent for beginners in K-5 or a quick review for older students.

Great for kids, middle/high schoolers, and adults. Simply the best way to learn the times table and more. Learn faster than using common big math flashcards. Basic flashcards free.

► Visually appealing flashcards for rapid recall
► Operations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
► 0-15 Number Families
+ Make it as easy or hard as you want
► 5 Separate Activities:
+ Flash Cards (with answers)
+ Practice Cards (without answers)
+ Timed Answers (average time per answer)
+ Fill in Blank (e.g., ? x 8 = 56)
+ Mastery with 10 separate levels of increasing difficulty
► Complete Customization
+ individual or mixed operations
+ specific number choices for operands
+ negatives (top operand, bottom operand)
+ speed entry (no need to type = sign)
+ sounds/vibrations
► Intelligent
+ Remembers mistakes and helps practice for mastery
+ Mastery levels designed to prove competency
► Feedback / Monitoring
+ Positive/Negative sound reinforcement
+ Fact Table summary of right/wrong answers
+ Easy for student/parent/teacher to monitor progress
► No Ads.








24.87 MB






iPhone, iPad

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