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Smart Spend: Cost Analyzer Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Smart Spend: Cost Analyzer

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Smart Spend is a different approach to budgeting.

This giveaway offer has expired. Smart Spend: Cost Analyzer is now available on the regular basis.

Smart Spend is a different approach to budgeting. We realized that budgets sometimes fail because they lack flexibility and don't really make you consider your unique financial situation on an everyday basis. The result is that folks don't stick to the budget because the budget is out of sight-- and out of mind. Furthermore, with a typical budget you don't hold yourself accountable until AFTER your break it. Smart Spend is a solution that focuses on holding users accountable before they make an unwise financial decision. Rather than put excessive focus on your purchase history, Smart Spend allows you to isolate and carefully consider the financial decision you are ABOUT to make from the perspective of its impact on your income, the time you spent earning that income and your current financial situation.

For each purchase, Smart Spend seeks to answer:
~ What are the current and long term financial implications of the purchase you are about to make?
~ How many hours/days/week of work is this item equivalent to?

If you want to save some of your hard earned money, you should think of that saved money as invisible. This means that you should have the mindset that your salary is really LOWER than it is on paper and each purchase is worth a higher percentage of your time. We take all of the guesswork out of these calculations so that you can carefully weigh if a purchase is worthwhile AND hit your saving target each month. Smart Spend is also unique because it treats savings and recurring monthly expenses as money that does not exist to you. As an example, consider the following:

You make $100 a week and you work 5 days a week to earn that money
You want to save 20% of your earnings and your recurring bills occupy $30 per week

In the above case, Smart Spend will not treat your income like it is $100/week or even $80/week. Smart Spend will treat your income as if it were $50/week (your "true" income). Instead of making $20/day, you effectively make $10/day. All of your calculations are based on your income of $10/day which increases your perceived impact of each purchase, helping you spend less!

Smart Spend is meant to serve as a hard stop before making otherwise impulsive financial decisions. It allows you to quickly assess if a purchase is truly worthwhile to make, given your current financial situation.

~ Is that $35 non-shared Uber really worth half a day of hard work?
~ Should you order in tonight and spend $50 when the alternative is already in the fridge?

Sadly, the answer depends on your financial situation. Smart Spend puts all of the data at your fingertips so that you make an informed financial decision before pressing "purchase." As you become more disciplined, this mindset will become more automatic.

Smart spend is very easy to use. For new budgeters, there is no need to spend huge amounts of time preparing a budget. More experienced budgeters will love the simplicity and ease of adding monthly expenses and purchases.

~ Add sales tax to purchases
~ Add percent discount to items
~ "Shopping Cart" feature to analyze multiple potential purchases
~ Ability to add and categorize recurring monthly expenses
~ Daily customized spending reports sent each evening
~ Try "Smart Spend Extreme" with Cash Cache to accelerate your saving goals
~ "Insights" feature to allows you to see a plethora of financial insights and visual breakdowns of your spending habits.

Privacy and Philosophy: We pride ourselves on keeping your personal data on your device! We don’t ask for email, last name, bank account login. Our budgeting mindset is old school and effective because YOU simply have to put in the work. You can’t gain muscle without exercise. Developing better spending habits requires practice and repetition. You put in the elbow grease and we’ll use technology, psychology and economics to help you meet your goals.


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