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SmartFriends: Brain Train Game Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - SmartFriends: Brain Train Game


This giveaway offer has been expired. SmartFriends: Brain Train Game is now available on the regular basis.

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We believe that people are mentally dulled by watching superficial television and spending too much time on social media. To compensate for this, it's good to stimulate your brain in a more challenging way. With SmartFriends, you stimulate your brain every day, and most importantly: in a fun way! Why fun? Because you’re doing it together with friends, that’s how you stay motivated!

••• Keep your brain young, together with your friends! •••
Every day one IQ challenge. Everyone around the world gets the same one. Invite your friends and beat them on today's challenge.

••• Keeping your brain young, really? •••
Recently, the extensive COGITO Study at the Max-Planck Institute demonstrated that training with brain exercises improves working memory for people of all age groups. SmartFriends offers everyone, all over the world, the same daily challenge, in the form of a logical IQ test. It can be a number sequence, a Matrigma test, or anything that will start a brain crunching. Solved the test? You'll share your score and challenge your friends. After all, we all have that competing spirit and this keeps you motivated!

••• New: competitions! •••
Who is the smartest at your work, in your university / college or group of friends? You can start your own competition now.

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