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SMSGuard - Powered by AI Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - SMSGuard - Powered by AI

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SMSGuard - Powered by AI
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SMSGuard is a message filter based on the latest AI technology, trained on thousands of sample messages, and is constantly learning and updating from user-submitted samples.

* Note: The app only supports English message filtering.
* This app follows the "IOS Message Filter Extension" restrictions and cannot actively obtain, store, transmit or share any information, please feel free to use it.

## Key Features

[AI Filtering]

With AI filtering, you can get greate filtering effect without any settings.

[Custom Filtering]

Personalized custom keyword filtering or sender filtering.

[Offline filtering]

SMSGuard filtering is completely offline, which can ensure your messages privacy and security.

[Submit samples]

If you find that a message is misclassified, please submit the message as a learning sample, and SMSGuard will learn from the sample and improve the classification accuracy!

## Quick Submit sample

1. Copy message
2. Press and hold the SMSGuard icon on the screen
3. Choose Submit Sample from the pop-up menu of the icon.

## Privacy Statement

- SMSGuard do not actively obtain any information from users.
- SMSGuard filtering is done locally and no data is collected or submitted.
- To improve the accuracy of SMSGuard filtering, users may choose to actively submit samples, and sample data will only be used to train intelligent models and will not be shared or used for other purposes.
- SMSGuard will automatically purge sensitive information when submitting a sample, so feel free to submit.


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