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Sniper Shooter Stickman 3 Fury Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Sniper Shooter Stickman 3 Fury

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After version Sniper Shooter Stickman 2 Fury, we are introduction next version 3D.

This giveaway offer has been expired. Sniper Shooter Stickman 3 Fury is now available on the regular basis.

After version Sniper Shooter Stickman 2 Fury, we are introduction next version 3D, This game is named: Sniper Shooter Stickman 3 Fury - Now Kill Shot Bravo - The best action games & sniper games of stickman for mobile - The fastest game on store has been return!

If you like previous version of this game or quick casual games, this is a Non-stop Action game that you will love!

Now our stickman return with 3D Graphics ! Better and more beautiful.

Do you want to test your reaction with Kill Shot ?

Use Kung Fu with gun be like Japanese Ninja Warriors or China martial-art Master, Thai Fighter and Become sniper assassin silent.

Pick up a gun and counter strike a hundred , a thousand of stickmen hunter, stickman Zombie (These stickman was evolute from black from red) . Let attack all striker to defend.

Fast, faster , fastest !

Don't need be a sniper, a gunner, a gun shooter , and have not to run, you only need tap tap and tap to destroy all enemies in stickman war. Play game and join in endless cartoon wars because enemies will revenge you anytime .

********* How to play *************

- You must destroy killer stickmen from Top, Middle , Bottom at screen.

- Contract : 200 point = 10 coins.

- Perform combo chain as long as possible to receive bonus point !

- Use coins to buy modern weapons in the shop.

- Use coins to buy stickman character you like.

- Use coins to buy new scenario ( each scenario has a different feature).

****** Weapon System ********

- Pistol ( Desert Eagle)

- Colt 1911

- Colt 1911 Golden

- AK-47

- Thompson

- Revolver

- AK Future

- Revolver Future

- Shot Gun (Hunting gun)

- Sniper Rifle ( AWP)

- Sniper Rifle ( AWP Golden)

- Angel Rifle

- Fire Hand

- Kamehameha

- Hunter's Spear

****** Feature ******

- You can choose so many weapon to destroy enemy.

- You can customise your stickman with thousand of costume ( Woku, Angel, Demon, Mafia, Hunter, Bat Stickman, Super Stickman, Nerd, Universe boy, Gentleman, Punk, Street boy...)

- Compare score with all people on the world.

- Take picture and share your high score with all Social Friend be like Facebook, Twitter, Zalo, MySpace, Instagram ...

- Reach top of the world with world ranking system.

- Play game anywhere and anytime ! Because Sniper Shooter Stickman 3 Fury doesn't require you always online. You can play it on the street, in the plane, in the subway, in the car on the road, even in a temple. OK ? Just simply is offline game !

**********Coming soon**********

- Multiplayer online ! ( It will have a league for all stickman ).

*************NOTE **********

* This game is so amazing so you shouldn't play game 2 or 3 hours / day to keep your health.

* In game , have a blood scenes and violence. You may want to keep away it from your kids , younger boys and girls. Even anger men shouldn't also play it .

Let choose the coolest costume , the strongest weapon and show your friend !

Download game - stick figure game that you can't don't download and start combat, join the battle with Sniper Shooter Stickman 3 Edition Fury NOW!

************CONTACT US*************

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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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