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Speed PRO+ Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Speed PRO+

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Speed PRO+ is a Universal GPS-based speedometer with Saved Routes and many other features.
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Speed PRO+
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Speed PRO+ is a Universal GPS-based speedometer with Saved Routes and many other features.


- Full-screen display of your Speed, Average Speed, Top Speed, Distance, Route Time, Altitude and Course;
- Pause/Resume tracking by tapping Speedometer;
- Auto Pause/Resume option keeps the app paused when you're stopped;

- Orientation Lock option;
- Option to remove the fractions from the displayed speed;
- Auto Pause At option allows you to control the speed at which the app auto pauses&resumes;
- Reset Confirmations option [Turn On if you want a confirmation sheet when you tap 'Reset'];
- Swipe Left or Right to switch to Camera interface [Must have Background set to "Camera"];
- Share Map&Speedometer snapshots on Facebook, Twitter, VK, Dropbox, Sina Weibo or via In-App Mail;
- Share Current Route KML via In-App Mail, VK or Dropbox;
- Altitude source option ["Device", "MapQuest", "USGS"];
- Portrait and Landscape orientation support;
- Background option ["Black", "Camera"];
- Mirroring option for HUD on windshield;
- Text Color option ["Red", "Green", "Blue", "White"];
- Units option ["Miles", "Km"];
- GPS Accuracy option;
- 'Background Updates' location option allows your app to execute in the background;
- Themes including an "Aqua Theme Pak" created using Aqua and holographic colors.

- Always records your current route;
- Tap 'Reset' to set your current route's start time to your current time and it's start location to your current location;
- Tap 'Capture'->'Save Route' to save your current route;
- Tap 'Routes' to view your saved routes;
- Share Routes in KML via Dropbox, VK and In-App Mail;
- Share Route maps and speedometer snapshots;
- Records your route in the background [requires the 'Background Updates' Location option to be turned On and a multitasking device];
-"Trail Color" option for maps [Red,Green,Blue,Brown];
-"Map Type" option for maps [Street,Satellite];

- Set the Background option to "Camera" and a live feed of your front camera will be displayed for the speedometer background;
- Single Tap preview to Take a Photo;
- Double Tap preview to Start/Stop Recording;
- Set Focus by Pressing&Holding 1 finger at desired point on the preview;
- Set Exposure by Pressing&Holding 2 fingers at desired point on the preview;
- Swipe Left or Right on preview to switch back to the Speedometer interface;
- 5X Zoom;
- EXIF [Camera+Timestamp+GPS];
- Saves the videos&photos you shoot are saved to your Saved Photos Album.


Mother Tucker LLC






8.98 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Comments on Speed PRO+


Speed PRO+ was offered before and I've been using it ever since it came out. One of it's best feature is that it is GPS-based which means there is no drain on your "Data Coverage". It's a must-have for your iPhone especially if you are into biking certainly competitive biking. Thanks GOFTD.

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