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Spirit Talker Communicator ITC Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Spirit Talker Communicator ITC

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Communicate with the spirits as you can heard itc voices mixed with some frequencies.
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Spirit Talker Communicator ITC
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Communicate with the spirits as you can heard itc voices mixed with some frequencies. The meaning it's up to you as it is subject to personal interpretation. Those are called evp sounds.
Use Spirit Talker to test if your house or, whatever the place you are, has ghosts or paranormal spirits.
Artificial intelligence has been integrated into the Spirit Talker section. After a question-and-answer session, the user is asked if he would like an AI analysis. This way, the user gains a better focus and an objective understanding of the session. Artificial intelligence analyzes the context and semantic coherence to draw its own conclusions, presenting them to the user for better comprehension.
It's a modern form of ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) very simple to use.
The device shows relevant words and responses to questions during a paranormal investigation. Spirit Talker pretends to scan frequencies and magnetic fields and detects high frequencies. Those could be called cold spots in ghost hunting. You can store your measures and it will contain the date and hour, and the readings.
Enjoy the Electronic Voice Phenomena. It could be defined as a necrophonic functionality, which content has an enhancement of high, mid, and low range frequencies. It was also applied other filters to create unique sound characteristics to help layer the audio and create an environment suitable for spirit communication. The audio itself is made up of phonemes, partial words and other parts of speech that can help spirits communicate.
This Ghost Detector measures frequencies, so it will not actually detect if ghosts are around you.
It has a spirit box, commonly referred to as a ghost box or Frank's box. The device operates by swiftly scanning through radio frequencies, producing a white noise backdrop. Some paranormal investigators and enthusiasts posit that spirits can manipulate this white noise to construct coherent words or even sentences, enabling real-time interactions. During investigations, users pose questions to the spirit box. Critics suggest that the perceived responses might merely be random radio snippets or a psychological phenomenon known as auditory pareidolia, where individuals discern familiar patterns in random sounds. Conversely, some users are convinced of its efficacy, citing clear and contextually relevant replies. It's crucial to approach its use with both an open mind and a discerning ear.

Key Features:
Ghost Detector Sensation: Engage the Ghost Detector function to perceive frequencies for comprehensive paranormal investigations.
Spirit Talker Connection: Explore the depths of the unknown with Artificial Intelligence integrated into the Spirit Talker section. Gain focus and objective insights through AI analysis after each session.
Advanced Spirit Box Technology: Step into the realm of the spirit box, a tool known for facilitating real-time interactions with spirits.

Download Spirit Talker Communicator now and open the door to a captivating world where technology and the supernatural converge!

Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true ghost detecting, communicating or scanning functionality. The paranormal is not a proven science and is considered theoretical. Accordingly, words or phrases generated are not intended as requests or instructions. The words and phrases generated do not represent official guidance from the developer.

What users reviews comment:
Review of Spirit Talker application (5 stars)
From Elliot – 20 dic. 2023
I love this app I was able to communicate with other ghosts and see what ghost hunting was like. This is a perfect way to communicate with spirits. I recommend it to people who are interested in ghosts

Subject: Impressive ghost detector (5 stars)
From Sarie02 – 16 dic. 2023
Getting direct answers to my questions


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