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Sprint AR Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Sprint AR

Sprint AR pits you against an augmented reality runner in the most widely known test of speed in sports.
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Sprint AR
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How fast are you?

Sprint AR pits you against an augmented reality runner in the most widely known test of speed in sports - the 40-yard dash. Whether you are wanting to know what professional athlete speeds look and feel like (4-5 seconds), or are wanting to set a bar to race against for your own personal development, this app will help you understand what that speed looks like.

Set up the Sprint area:
Follow these simple steps to set up the sprint area using your iPhone's build-in augmented reality:
• Scan the ground in front of you by pointing your camera at it and slowly move your device. Once the surface is detected, you will see a white mesh over the surface and you will see the indicator to place the starting point.
• Confirm the placement of the starting line by clicking the "Place" button.
• If you don't like the placement position, you can redo it by clicking the "Redo" button.
• Once placed, you may slowly reorient yourself along the racing environment to get your favorite angle to record the race.

Set up the Racing time:
• You can set the racing time between 4-7 seconds here. Professional athletes frequently run the 40-yard dash under 5 seconds, but everyone has to start somewhere!
• Once racing is started, the experience will be recorded automatically. You will have the option to save the video to your camera roll at the end.

Are you ready to Run?

We highly recommended using the newest generations of iPhones or iPads imbedded with Lidar sensors to get the best AR experience. The app will still work with older iPhones, but you may experience some issues with the racing environment sliding. The Sprint AR app is for sports enthusiasts and people into physically and mentally fitness (or people who just like to run)!

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