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Brought to you by the Waters Foundation, the Systems Thinking Habits (ST Habits) App includes 14 Habits of a Systems Thinker that describe ways of thinking about how systems work and how actions taken can impact results seen over time.  They encompass a spectrum of thinking strategies that foster problem-solving and encourage questioning.  The Habits also encourage flexible thinking and appreciation of new, emerging insights and multiple perspectives.

A variety of the App’s elements allow the user to assess and practice different habits.  These elements include:

View the Cards
Scroll through to see all the Habits of a Systems Thinker cards.  Tap a card to see both the front including a representative image and the back with key questions to ask.

Choose a challenge card and spin the spinner.  Then try to answer the challenge, given the habit that appears.  Games are available in a variety of contexts including literature, science and health.  Making up your own challenge is also an option.

Choose a topic and then sort the habits cards into two columns.  For example, Self-Assessment allows for consideration of which habits are currently being used and which ones are not being used.  In addition, the App’s settings allow for the Reminders sort to send you notifications about chosen habits.

Choose six habits that are related to one another in some way, and draw lines to connect them together.  For example, when considering how to solve a particular problem, first select the habits that you want to focus on, then think about how they might impact one another. Save, and perhaps share, your connections.

Choose a habit and use the space provided to take notes or brainstorm ideas.  Save, and perhaps share, your notes.

Explore ideas of how others have used the Habits of a Systems Thinker in educational environments.

In addition, access the Shop section to find additional supplies, such as sets of cards and posters.  Visit the Support section to learn more about the App or the Waters Foundation’s work in education and organizations worldwide.


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