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Stack And Bomb Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Stack And Bomb

Fifty challenging levels of explosive fun.

This giveaway offer has expired. Stack And Bomb is now available on the regular basis.

50 challenging levels of explosive fun. Stack blocks. Blow stacks up. Launch blocks high to earn score multipliers. Land blocks on score pads to earn points.

Unlike other stacking games, Stack and Bomb is a round based arcade game that offers hours of high scoring entertainment.

Decide where to stack, how high to stack and how to shape your stack in order to strategically land blocks onto score pads.

Introducing the adorable Squishyma. Games begin with 3 Squishyma. The more Squishyma alive at the end of a round, the more bombs available to place. If all the Squishyma get squished, then the game is over. Earn a new Squishyma every third level.

The higher the stack of blocks, the more powerful the bombs.

Placing bombs under blocks launch them higher. The higher a block goes once exploded, the greater the score multiplier the block earns.

At the end of each round a bonus block is awarded for every 300 points earned on that level.

The number of blocks, and the types of block progresses as game levels are unlocked.

50 unique boards with original music.

Beating the game earns:
1000 points x number of consecutive levels survived
1000 points x number of blocks in your highest stack
5000 points x number of Squishyma alive at the end of your game

Stack and Bomb is a throwback to high scoring arcade fun. No advertisements, no social components, no in-app purchases and no personal data collection. For $0.99 USD you get a great game you can play hassle free.

Game by: Britton Edward Poplin
Music by: Terry Brian Cobb


Britton Poplin






99.61 MB






iPhone, iPad

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