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Steampunk Metronome Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Steampunk Metronome

Easy, powerful and fun, The Steampunk Metronome is the metronome you've been waiting for!
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Steampunk Metronome
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Easy, powerful and fun, The Steampunk Metronome is the metronome you've been waiting for! It features two metronomes in one. This is so most users can stay on one simple screen and effortlessly access all of the features found on typical metronomes, plus a whole lot more. This screen is called The Basic Met. It has an unprecedented speed range of 1-1000, tap tempo, volume control and seven time-signatures. All of this fits on one awesome screen and is so easy to use a five-year-old can do it. The Basic met more than meets the needs of most metronome users. But, for those who want more, The Prog Met is a multi-screen engine that allows the user to completely control what happens in each bar of a custom made click track with unlimited bars. Tracks can be named, saved and opened for reuse. For each bar, the user can control: Tempo (1-1000 BPM), number of beats, accent, and subdivision of beat. Assign any note in a three-octave range to the subdivision or it can be a click. Morph tempos over user defined time periods from any tempo to any other tempo. Have the track play once and stop or repeat any number of times. Enjoy fun features like "More Cowbell" and "Shredometer." If you have a fever and there’s only one cure, click the "More Cowbell" toggle switch and set tempo to 1000 BPM! Monitor your click track in play screen where BPM, Subdivision and Notes Per Second are displayed in real time. Check your personal speed in notes per second on The Shredometer! Our star endorser, Michael Angelo Batio, can match the top speed of the metronome at 16.66 notes per second! Can you? What's your top speed on The Shredometer? The user-friendly Steampunk Metronome looks amazing and is fun to use with its cool steampunk retro vibe. It contains a user guide right in the app and has the most powerful features of any metronome on the market. No adds! No Subscriptions! Free updates!

Your math metal masterpiece, jazz odyssey or just a Zeppelin tune like The Ocean will be in good hands with The Steampunk Metronome! Stop wasting time and download it now! Endorsed by Michael Angelo Batio!


Tobias Hurwitz






136.34 MB






iPhone, iPad

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