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StockOrbit Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - StockOrbit

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Take your options trading to the next level.

This giveaway offer has expired. StockOrbit is now available on the regular basis.

Take your options trading to the next level. Calculate your expected profit and theoretical prices on any option contract with your own trade price and full control over implied volatility.

Find and edit option contracts with StockOrbit's options profit calculator to gain a visual understanding of your trades. StockOrbit provides you with the likely profit/loss of your trade and how your trade is affected by different stock prices, implied volatility, and time decay.

- Delayed option data with bid prices and implied volatility that is editable by you
- Equity prices for during the day, pre-market and post-market.
- Simulation provides both a graph and table style visualization
- Select past and future dates
- Provide a watchlist for your favorite tickers
- Add contracts to your personalized profile
- View how the Greeks change with different dates and prices
- View the options break down for different scenarios

Predict what your contract will be the next day for earnings, news, or any other event!

StockOrbit does NOT provide the user functionality for trading and is not an ADVICE application. StockOrbit provides the end-user with information regarding options in the market. The end-user can use this information in their trading strategy.

StockOrbit tries to simulate to the best of its ability how options contracts are priced. However, StockOrbit can't simulate the price 100% due to market conditions. Please use this information accordingly.

Privacy Policy can be found at https://stockorbit.app.

Submit bugs and improvement suggestions to support@stockorbit.app.

Follow @stockorbit on Twitter for live updates.

Happy Trading!


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iPhone, iPad

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