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Stratify - 2x2 Matrix Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Stratify - 2x2 Matrix

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It makes strategy simple for you as you can create any kind of 2x2 matrix to help you with planning and meetings.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Stratify - 2x2 Matrix is now available on the regular basis.

Stratify is an app which has been specifically made for business consultants, strategy directors, business planners and managers. It makes strategy simple for you as you can create any kind of 2x2 matrix to help you with planning and meetings.

The Features of the app are:

1. Make business simpler and easier
2. Classic four blocker that is editable and can be modified according to your needs
3. Change axis names and define blocks or quadrants
4. Add colors to the matrix to make it more engaging
5. Add places bubbles of different sizes
6. Bubbles can be modified to be anything – ideas, projects, categories, employees, products, business units, etc.
7. Capture and add important notes in the comments
8. Export the saved reports if needed

Common applications include– Portfolio management, BCG Matrix, Eisenhower Matrix, Performance Groups Matrix, Kraljic, Risk assessments, Customer & Supplier segmentation, Leadership Matrix etc.

It can be rather tough for any professional to plan a meeting and explain ideas just using a whiteboard. Stratify takes your strategy meeting to the next level because you can depict your plans on a 2x2 matrix with high graphics. It’s obvious that pictures and graphics help people understand things better and it will also add a beneficial touch to your meeting. The main objective behind Stratify is to make your planning and strategy more dynamic and engaging. Graphics force people to engage with complex data and hence, it increases understandability.


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