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StringMaster Fretlight Edition Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - StringMaster Fretlight Edition

The ultimate companion for your Bluetooth Fretlight Guitarю

This giveaway offer has been expired. StringMaster Fretlight Edition is now available on the regular basis.

The ultimate companion for your Bluetooth Fretlight Guitar supporting Chords, Chord Tones, Scales, Song Writing. Chromatic Tuner, Fretboard learning, Instrument Comparison, Fretboard Canvas, Metronome, Tuner and more.

Note StringMaster Fretlight Edition does not require a Fretlight Guitar, though the on-screen fretboard is reflected on the Fretlight Guitar if available. See www.fretlight.com for more information on Fretlight Guitars.

Over 120,000 users.
#1 Music App in 34 Countries including USA and Canada & Australia.
Top 5 Music App in 60 countries
"Wahou!!! Perfect... I'm keeping this on my iPad..." Apps4idevices.com
"The Most Ideal iPad Music Apps for Guitarists and Musicians" Best10Apps.com

StringMaster is an advanced iPad application suitable for beginner through to advanced Guitarists and other fretted instrument Musicians. With its beautiful, natural sound, StringMaster supports a wide range of instruments. The chord building and detection, comparison between instruments, fretboard learning system, scales and advanced song writing tools are all supported with any instrument in any orientation, and with tremendously flexible alternate tuning, capo support and integrated chromatic tuner. StringMaster also supports a metronome that can be run in the background to help with songwriting or scale playback.

With its high resolution graphics, StringMaster has been fully optimized for the iPad Retina Display, and also works with iPad 2 and above. Note StringMaster is an iPad Only application and is not supported on the iPhone.

Key Features:
* Play and discover a wide range of chords and fingering, all with beautiful natural tone.
* Highly accurate Chromatic Tuner
* Metronome
* Display and play scales, including scale runs up the fretboard
* Display chord notes or suggested fingering
* Using a set of complex musical algorithms, StringMaster will show you the name of a chord based on the finger positions you define!
* StringMaster's easy-to-use Song Writer recommends which chords sound best together making it easy to write and store killer songs and progressions, including individual notes
* Explore and learn the fretboard, Chords & sounds of a range of instruments
* Learn to play a new instrument by comparing it with one you already know. Select a chord on one instrument, then display the equivalent chord pattern and fingering on any of the many other instruments.

Supports the following Instruments:
* Acoustic Guitar
* Electric Guitar
* Bass

And allows you to compare with:
* Electric Guitar - 7 String
* Bass - 5 String
* Banjo
* Banjo - 4 String
* Mandolin
* Ukulele (Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone)

Fretlight Support
This “Fretlight Edition” enables all its features on the Fretlight Bluetooth Guitars, or USB Fretlight Guitars connected bridged to Bluetooth. The “Fretlight Edition” also includes an additional screen called the “Canvas”, that enables direct drawing on the Fretlight fretboard, and supports additional features such as static or scrolling text, sine waves, and the game of life.

Note: Fretlight Ready™ designates that an app can send its data over Bluetooth to a Fretlight® guitar and light its fretboard. To learn more about Fretlight guitars go to http://www.fretlight.com

StringMaster Reviews:
As seen in Guitarist Australia Magazine Issue #55 ( http://www.futureplc.com.au/index.php?id=31 )

Rated as a "Killer App" by Apps4iDevices.

Best10Apps Review:

Youtube Demonstration:


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