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Strydr City Walking Navigation Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Strydr City Walking Navigation

Walk like a local anywhere in the world with the most intuitive city walking navigation app available.
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Strydr City Walking Navigation
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Walk like a local anywhere in the world with the most intuitive city walking navigation app available.

Whether you are planning a vacation or business trip, exploring an unfamiliar city, finding your way to meetings or simply having a fun day out - this is the app for you!

By combining a pointer always aligned to your destination with powerful search, offline mode, a trip planner and few little surprises; Strydr will have you walking in the RIGHT DIRECTION within seconds of taking out your iPhone - Just think of this as a magic pointer always aligned to your destination, so you'll never lose your way.

Ever BEEN FRUSTRATED deciding WHICH WAY TO WALK when short on time, using your iPhone map?
Ever wasted time walking in the WRONG DIRECTION then had to turn back, using your iPhone map?
Ever been in an UNFAMILIAR CITY and taken many WRONG TURNS, using your iPhone map?
Ever STRUGGLED TO FIND a coffee shop, food, pharmacy or anything else nearby, using your iPhone map?

Strydr’s unique combination of features are designed solely with the pedestrian in mind and work with or without a data connection.

Always pointing you in the right direction.
Create a trip and 'walk like a local' anywhere in the world.
No data connection - no problem!
Including Yelp ratings
Nearest you, your destination or along your route.
Select an event location straight from the app.
Mark and get back to your current location with ease.
Strydr users will find you with ease.
Select your destination and you're away.
Mini pointers in the search list.

What our users are saying.

"Love it! - Best app for getting around town. It's about time someone created an app for the ultimate mobile user... the pedestrian!"
"Love this app - Great app. Easy to use. Found places to eat and drink in London that I would never have known were there."
"Taken the stress out of getting to meetings - I probably need to leave more time getting to meetings, but thankfully Strydr has saved me from turning up late on more than one occasion!"
"Huge time saver - Awesome app. I use it for getting around Boston, NYC, and anywhere I travel. Don't walk anywhere without it at this point. Calendar integration works like a charm. Highly recommend."
"Saved me in Amsterdam - It was an absolute life saver as it practically got us to the door of our meetings, calendar integration is nice touch."

Eliminate all the hassle associated with other mobile map apps and stride confidently towards your destination within seconds of taking out your iPhone.

Go ahead and take your first Stryd!

If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at support@strydrapp.com
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/@strydrapp
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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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