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StudioMini - Music Recorder Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - StudioMini - Music Recorder

StudioMini is a professional quality music maker and audio recorder.
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StudioMini - Music Recorder
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StudioMini has been serving musicians around the world since 2009. Used on recordings by Grammy winning artists and relied on by songwriters, bands, music students, teachers, band leaders…and we hope, by you!

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StudioMini is a professional quality music maker and audio recorder. Technically speaking it’s a digital audio multitrack recording studio, but that’s a mouthful!

StudioMini is designed to be very easy to use, to help you instead of getting in the way of your creative flow. It comes with drum loops, professionally produced and only available with StudioMini. It can record high resolution audio. You can collaborate with your bandmates by easily sharing your project back and forth on Dropbox, Google Drive etc. You can easily begin a project in StudioMini and export your high resolution wav files for continuing the production in Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton or any DAW of your choice. Or you can stay in StudioMini and create a high resolution mix ready to use with Apple Digital Masters and Apple Lossless for streaming.

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You’re on the go, in a hotel room on tour. You’re at school on a break with your acoustic guitar in hand. You’re in the car parked outside the office. Inspiration strikes! You’re humming a melody, a couple of chords start to form, the spirit of the muses starts flowing through you. At this moment you don’t need endless possibilities from your gear, you need something simple yet powerful, something that will help you. You need “here you go, keep going”, not “look over here!! Jump through these 10 hoops first, make a bunch of technical decisions, sift through endless options”. By the time all this happens, the muses may well have clocked out for the day. StudioMini prides itself in being your musical companion, software that’s enjoyable to use, simple yet powerful. It doesn’t get in your way; with just two quick taps you’re off recording your new idea!

Select a beat from a practical and curated set of professionally produced drum loops, made for and only available with StudioMini. You can adjust the speed to taste, then focus on capturing high quality audio with your interface and pro mics. Or, simply and quickly get your idea down using your headphones and the built-in mic. Mix and pan to taste. Export and share a final mix of your song in high resolution audio, ready for mastering. Or export the individual tracks and continue the production with your producer in Pro Tools.

Lay down a couple of guitar parts, then share your Project on Google Drive, Dropbox etc. all without leaving StudioMini. Your bass player can open the StudioMini project, add bass parts, then save it back for your singer to add vocals. Punch in easily and fix sections, add new parts later, overdub to your heart’s content. Ultimately we’re making music and not having the distractions of endless desktop DAW options can help us focus on the song, our performance, and all the things that connect our ears to our hearts. Create a final mix that’s ready to upload to Spotify or Apple Music.

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- High-resolution audio (96 kHz 24-bit)
- Multitrack recording on 4 tracks, plus bounce workflow
- Drum track with pro quality Loops
- Mixer with Faders, Mute, Solo, Panning
- Punch-in overdubbing
- Stereo recording
- Bluetooth support
- Notepad, per project
- Create mixes (Studio, CD, Lossless, Premium Streaming)
- Import, Export (iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.)
- iCloud backup, easily restore to a new device

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Otreus is a feeling. It’s a community. It’s a group of musicians and indie software developers who stand for something. We hope for a place in your heart as a trusted partner on your musical journey. Sweat, joy and tears go into crafting the highest quality music apps for you. We aim to support you in your learning, recording, performing, and more! We’re based in Los Angeles County, California.

Terms of use & Privacy Policy: https://otreus.com/en/legal/


Otreus Inc.






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Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Bokmål, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish


iPhone, iPad

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