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Studium - Flashcards & Quizzes Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Studium - Flashcards & Quizzes

Packed with powerful features to help you learn almost anything!

This giveaway offer has expired. Studium - Flashcards & Quizzes is now available on the regular basis.

Packed with powerful features to help you learn almost anything!

• Take dynamic quizzes from your decks (multiple choice, fill in the blank, typing, drawing, audio, ordering, matching, true or false).

• Add rich text, photos, URLs, drawings, lists, and audio to your cards.

• Shuffle your cards and change the card face showing (term/definition, definition/term).

• Export entire subjects, decks, and cards to backup or share with friends (CSV, PDF, Studium).

• Auto text-to-speech and timed slideshow modes for convenient hands-free learning.

• Built-in drawing/annotation tools, audio recorder, and highlighter (multiple colors).

• Move, copy, combine, and split your subjects, decks, and cards.

• Sort by name, date added, last updated, last viewed, study progress, count cards/decks, or drag & drop.

• Search for subjects, decks, and cards.

• Mark and filter your learned cards.

• Configure the settings for each deck (text alignments, font sizes, text-to-speech).

Have existing flashcards? Great! You can easily import them into Studium as a CSV file and get started today!


Contact & Support: studium.flashcards@gmail.com








9.85 MB






iPhone, iPad

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