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StudyHammer Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - StudyHammer

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StudyHammer helps you learn by sending questions in push notifications.

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In late-2018, StudyHammer was invented by Jaidin, a 16-year-old from Southern California. He had the idea of answering a study question in order to unlock his phone.

He knew that he and his friends do it all day, so it wouldn't feel like studying. They could learn in bite-sized doses. And that’s when StudyHammer was born.

StudyHammer helps you learn by sending questions in push notifications. The questions come from Study Guides created by you, your teachers, and your friends.

As you answer questions, you can also play our Landmark Game (with all sorts of Fun Facts). You get to "build" historic Landmarks, simply by answering questions.

And now, with distance learning, StudyHammer's push notifications also serve as a gentle reminder to study at home, in class, or on-the-go.

Ding – time to study!

Oh, and by the way, Jaidin's nickname is Hammer. (time to study, Hammer)

Your first 100 days are completely FREE, then it's just $14.99 for 12 months from your purchase date. Download it now.


> Create an unlimited number of Study Guides

> Use short answer and/or multiple choice

> Set the times you want to get Push Notifications

> Select the number of Questions sent per hour

> Get Questions in order, or Shuffle them

> See Study Guides shared with Buddies

> Compare Answer Streaks in Standings

> Skip a Question any time you want

> Show an Answer, to help you nail it next time

> Tap Study Now, if you don’t want to wait

The goal of our Landmark Game (with Fun Facts) was to make studying suck less. It creates a sense of wonder about the world around us and there are some pretty cool things to learn in different subjects.

We have 500+ Landmarks and are also building games for Art, Public Figures, Plants, Animals, and more. Play while you learn and nail the knowledge!


Unlike other education solutions that provide a curated and finite amount of content, StudyHammer encourages Teachers to create an unlimited number of Study Guides, using their own curriculum.

You can create a Study Guide straight from your textbook publishers by uploading a CSV, doing a copy/paste, or typing your own questions.

With our FREE Teacher Portal, creating, managing, and sharing Study Guides is faster and easier. You get detailed visibility into each Student's progress. Register for free at www.studyhammer.com/teacher.

During registration, your child will provide your email address. We'll send you a Welcome Parent email with a secure login (and a temporary password) to our Parent Portal.

It will have charts of your child’s progress and exportable data. You'll even be able to review Correct vs. Incorrect, as well as Skip vs. Show.

You can get insight into how your child is reacting to the Questions. Are they attempting, showing, or just skipping them?


After a 100 day free trial, StudyHammer is just $14.99 per student, for 12 months from the purchase date.

We also offer Group Discounts for everything from small homeschool co-ops to an entire public school district. Please email sales@studyhammer.com for details.


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