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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Syfu

Realize counseling and diagnostics in the areas of therapy.
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This giveaway offer has been expired. Syfu is now available on the regular basis.

For more than 20 years the systemic footprints, designed by Carola Castillo, has provided us with the possibility to realize counseling and diagnostics in the areas of systemic, family, organizational, enterprise therapy and family constellations based on the model developed by the pioneer Bert Hellinger.

The initiative is materialized when Carola Castillo was doing a counseling session to a company, which business was the design and sell of beach sandals. Castillo observed on top of the desk a sort of a selection of samples with different sizes and color sandals. In 2006 in Argentina, Castillo presented her idea to Hellinger whom immediately tested its functionality on the stage. In an eloquent way, Hellinger used its own shoes to simulate a representative with them. When he saw the results in the movement of the patient, he was surprised.

Castillo begun to shape and experiment more until she was able to adapt this tool for individual consultations. The systemic footprints are able to recreate order and hierarchy while developing a diagnosis of the situation in order to seek resolution based on the systemic laws previously stablished. The result of the consultation made by Castillo was of such success that the owner of the company of sandals decided to create for her this product made from recycled materials.

Carola Castillo has included the lessons and all possible usages of this tool, which she has learn from her experience over the years as a facilitator, in her book "Ecos del Pasado".

In this new stage, Carola Castillo takes us to incorporate these footprints into a digital platform.

Syfu (Systemic footprint for you) is an app that comes to fill the necessities in the new advances for therapists, consultants, coaches, teachers and masters. Also, it allows to observe the diagnostic and the dynamics that the patient is not able to make aware on the first visit.

Welcome all to Syfu the footprints that walk to find a place.


Carolina Castillo


Health & Fitness




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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


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