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Tartle RPG Tool Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Tartle RPG Tool

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Add procedurally generated content to your tabletop games!

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Add procedurally generated content to your tabletop games!

features Include:

Life tracking screen for life totals, arrow counts, poison counters, player level counters, whatever you want to track you can do so. Adding or subtracting from your counts is quick and easy and does not require the use of your device's keyboard. You may hide life counter when they are not needed.

Dice rolling tool. A standard D20 is always available for use. Preset standard dice combinations are available and can be configured to roll even unusual, nonexistent dice like a thirteen-sided. Why not?

Random Name Generator for creating characters with a unique pixel art profile and short description or quote. The quotes, descriptions, and profile picture are procedurally generated.

Random Side Quests with over 250 original, imaginative quests! These are great for when your players decide to go South instead of North and you need to quickly come up with campaign material to accommodate the unplanned. They're also quite fun to read through, as many are very funny and have a personality only found in the Tartle RPG Tool.

Random Loot Generator for creating anything from potions to swords. You can use the craft button to create an item and then you may enchant the item to make it even more weird and special. There is also a treasure chest box that randomly generates up to five items at once. Some loot chests have traps!

Weather! Now you and your players will always know if it is raining in the campaign.

The ultimate goal for this app is for game masters to use it to randomly generate content for a campaign (ahead of time or during play). It came as an idea of trying to play a tabletop rpg without anything planned in advance, such that the game master is discovering the content along with the players. It doesn't have to be used in that way, but it is an option.

The Tartle RPG Tool is an on-going project developed by an indie developer with a passion for tabletop gaming. Enjoy!


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iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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