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Taxi HK - Personal Taxi Meter Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Taxi HK - Personal Taxi Meter

Ever had your friends freeloading your ride?
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Taxi HK - Personal Taxi Meter
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**Featured in the South China Morning Post: 9/10/11**
**Hong Kong App Store Top Free App**

Ever had your friends freeloading your ride? Ever taken a taxi in Hong Kong? Ever wondered if your taxi driver has ripped you off? Ever wondered how much your journey should cost? Look no further, "Taxi HK" is the first ever Hong Kong Taxi Meter simulator! By using GPS to track your device's speed, this is a fun and informative app that simulates a Hong Kong Taxi Meter.

* Simulate a typical Hong Kong Taxi Meter
* Fun way to charge your friends for rides
* Check how much your taxi journey in Hong Kong should cost
* A source of amusement for people of all ages

* A working Hong Kong Taxi Meter simulator
* Features Hong Kong Island (Red), Lantau (Blue), New Territories (Green) Taxi Fares
* Uses GPS features to track speed
* GPS lock helps prevent sudden speed jumps
* Includes Hong Kong Taxi's iconic distance light and 'wait' light
* Includes information on distance travelled, wait time and instantaneous speed
* Distance light blinks according to the device's speed
* Includes the list of fare charges as seen in Hong Kong Taxis
* Supports English and Chinese (Traditional)
* Realistic and aesthetically pleasing Taxi Meter design
* Supports Retina Display

* This application is for entertainment purposes only, all fares are for reference only








17.95 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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