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Teach Me Surgery Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Teach Me Surgery

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TeachMeSurgery is a comprehensive encyclopaedia for surgery and perioperative care.
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Teach Me Surgery
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TeachMeSurgery is a comprehensive encyclopaedia for surgery and perioperative care.

Created by a team of surgeons and doctors, TeachMeSurgery provides a concise and structured insight into over 400 surgical topics across a wide range of specialities, with each article individually reviewed and revised by world-leading experts.

The TeachMeSurgery App is here to make sure you get the most out of your studies today, to help you care for the surgical patients of tomorrow.

-- Articles: Over 400 comprehensive articles, covering a huge range of surgical topics and specialities.

-- Media gallery: Over 1000 full colour high-definition surgical illustrations and clinical images.

-- Quick quiz: 600 multiple choice questions to test your knowledge within surgery, with detailed explanations to aid your learning.

-- Examination guides: Easy to follow clinical examination guides, helping you hone your practical skills.

-- Summary boxes: Each topic is summarised at the end of every article, aiding you in consolidating your learning.

-- Offline store: Every article, illustration, and quiz is stored offline for instant access at any-time.


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