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The Bugs I: Insects? Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - The Bugs I: Insects?

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The perfect app for learning about insects.

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What child is not fascinated by bugs? With “The Bugs I: Insects?” you will enjoy discovering insects with lovely animations and games. Meet ants, bees, beetles, butterflies ... A fun and educational game for the most curious children!

" The Bugs I: Insects?" is the perfect app for learning about insects. With simple texts, educational games and incredible illustrations, children will learn basic information about insects: how they live, what they feed on, metamorphosis, etc.

This app also has lots of educational games to play without any rules, stress, or time limits. Suitable for all ages!


• To learn basic information about the most fun insects.
• To discover curiosities about the insects: Why do ants walk in a row? What do insects use antennas for?
• With dozens of educational games: create your own bug, dress the beekeepers, find the stick insects, make the butterfly cycle ...
• Completely narrated. Perfect for non-readers and children who are just starting to read.
• Content suitable for children aged 4 and over. Games for the whole family. Hours of fun.
• No Ads.
• No in-app purchases or tricks of any kind.

WHY " The Bugs I: Insects?"?

Because it is a user-friendly educational app that excites children with educational games and nice illustrations about bugs and insects. Download it now to:

• Discover fun insects and play with them.
• Learn about insects: what are they and how do they live?
• Bees, ants, beetles, butterflies, stick insects, ladybugs, praying mantises ...
• Play fun and educational games.
• Enjoy educational entertainment.

Children love to play and learn about bugs through games. " The Bugs I: Insects?" contains explanations, illustrations, realistic images and games about bugs and insects.


At Learny Land, we love to play, and we believe that games must form part of the educational and growth stage of all children; because to play is to discover, explore, learn and have fun. Our educational games help children learn about the world around them and are designed with love. They are easy to use, beautiful and safe. Because boys and girls have always played to have fun and learn, the games we make - like the toys that last a lifetime - can be seen, played and heard.
At Learny Land we take advantage of the most innovative technologies and the most modern devices to take the experience of learning and playing a step further. We create toys that could not have existed when we were young.
Read more about us at www.learnyland.com.

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We take Privacy very seriously. We do not collect or share personal information about your children or allow any type of third party ads. To learn more, please read our privacy policy at www.learnyland.com.

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