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The Busy Lumberjack Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - The Busy Lumberjack

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This is a fun and engaging puzzle game.
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The Busy Lumberjack
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This is a fun and engaging puzzle game. The goal of each level is to help the lumberjack cut down all the trees and get back to his truck.


- A tree falls only towards to the other side of the lumberjack.
- A tree falls only on empty tiles or river tiles, not other trees or stomps.
- A fallen tree occupy 1, 2 or 3 tiles depending on its height.
- The lumberjack cannot walk pass a flowing river or a tree (fallen or standing).
- A fallen tree stops river flow.
- A fallen withered tree serves as a bridge.

There are 70 fun levels. Some of them are simple yet tricky; some are very challenging and takes a lot planning to complete.

If you are stuck on a level, don't worry, we've got the solutions for you.


Yixiang Lu






10.96 MB






iPhone, iPad

Comments on The Busy Lumberjack


Have to say this is a very addictive game. Looks simple at first, but the puzzles get harder as you go.
Get it while you can! (The Kid)

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