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The Mystery of Haunted Hollow - Escape Puzzler Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - The Mystery of Haunted Hollow - Escape Puzzler

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You arrive at the footsteps of Hollow alone determined to discover the details of the life you once lived here.

This giveaway offer has been expired. The Mystery of Haunted Hollow - Escape Puzzler is now available on the regular basis.

You arrive at the footsteps of Hollow alone. Armed with only an empty suitcase, and faint memories…you are determined to discover the details of the life you once lived here. At the footsteps of the entrance, a familiar apparition appears, leaving you few answers, and an obscure note shunning you away from town.

Haunted by visions of your past, and suffering from amnesia for almost ten years, you embark on a quest to discover buried secrets, putting the pieces of the puzzle together of the life you once had, and to find out once and for all, what happened to your missing family, and this once thriving village. Armed with a suitcase, a book, and a compass, you roam the desolate area of Hollow, picking up clues, solving puzzles and riddles, & finding journal entries with clues to your past. Will the secrets you unveil be more than you had ever imagined?


  • Intuitive Design: designed with the player in mind, it’s easy to navigate the world of Hollow with puzzles designed for both the novice, and hardcore player;
  • Stunning and Realistic Artwork: the world of Hollow looks hauntingly realistic, with scenes, and locations full of stunning detail and character;
  • Professional Music and Sounds: professionally recorded audio and sounds make Hollow come to life with unnerving effects, and music;
  • Addictive and Compelling Gameplay & Story: compelling even for non-gamers, the story and puzzles will draw you in, inviting you to finish this game to discover the truth, and secrets behind Hollow.


Point & Click LLC






95.03 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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