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The Rest Of Life Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - The Rest Of Life

Every love affair is a love diary. You can add photos and diary texts, and collect your favorite love affair.

This giveaway offer has been expired. The Rest Of Life is now available on the regular basis.

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● "the rest of my life" app inspiration:
"I only talk about love three times in my life: once ignorant, once engraved, once in my life"
"The rest of your life" is an app that records the rest of your lover's life, including 100 romantic things that your lover must do. Keep love fresh. I hope that in the age of youth and bright just contact ignorant love lovers to do more memorable, memorable things. There are some things to go through before you regret.
● "the rest of life" content:
There are 7 themes for lovers: "love", "time", "experience", "enjoy", "travel", "challenge", "share" and "warmth".
Each theme selects several meaningful and memorable love affairs:
"Take the ferris wheel and kiss at the top"
"Raise a meow star / Wang star together"
"A handwritten letter to each other"
"Watch fireworks together"
"Go to see the sea together"
"Walking in the snow in winter"
"Go to Disneyland once"
"Watch a concert together"
"Watch sunrise and sunset" and so on.
Every love affair is a love diary. You can add photos and diary texts, and collect your favorite love affair.
● "the rest of life" function introduction:
-Beautiful card theme: record every love incident
-Smooth use experience: simple and simple interaction makes you experience better.
-A silhouette of memories: 100 love affairs at a glance
-Share the rest of your life: you can generate beautiful pictures to save and share your "the rest of your life"
-I'll accompany you for the rest of your life: unique time for the rest of your life, record the days of love, and cherish every day together.
-Fresh without advertisement: exquisite without advertisement, make your love affair more pure.
-Icloud cloud synchronization: data can be uploaded to icloud for synchronization without loss (advanced function)
-Custom love trivia: you can customize love trivia, delete current trivia, and expand more memories (advanced function)
-Privacy password protection: add gesture, fingerprint face unlocking mode, protect your privacy (advanced function)
"For the rest of my life
I just want you
Blizzard is you
You are plain.
You are the poor
Rong Hua is you.
You are gentle in the bottom of your heart
It's also you who look. "
The eternal time is fixed. It's your smile, your tears, your "the rest of your life"
● "North City" Introduction:
Independent development, dedicated to developing high-quality app, design and development
"Time capsule - letter to the future", "flash memory", "Rainbow countdown" and other beautiful apps.
● "for the rest of life" feedback:
wx :shine5211314
Weibo: Chen nianxiaocheng
Zhihu: chennian town
*If you have any questions or suggestions, you are welcome to give feedback in time, and the app will continue to optimize.
*If you like, please give me a favor. Thank you.


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English, Chinese


iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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