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The Trivia Race Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - The Trivia Race

It's up to you to help Ovi the Owl prepare for the big race. It's a true challenge of the mind!

This giveaway offer has been expired. The Trivia Race is now available on the regular basis.

It's up to you to help Ovi the Owl prepare for the big race. It's a true challenge of the mind!

You will fail. Then you will fail again along the way. But you can keep going. You can make it all the way through! It's not going to be easy!

There's a training gym, a 1 mile race, a 5K, and a 10K, to get you ready for the full marathon. Over 500 tricky challenges!

* Practice and sharpen your mind!
* Test your focus and concentration
* Learn trivia that your friends don’t know yet
* Test your friends and see if they can beat your time
* Can you make it all the way through?

Beautiful illustrations and fabulous photos are your answer choices on each screen. Can you make it through in record time?

So simple to play - fun and addictive - just follow the directions and try your best not to get fooled!

Don't forget to hand the iPad or your iPhone to your friends and enjoy the laughs as you watch them fail at questions that seem so simple at first glance.

Designed for short and concise learning value within the game. You can only get a question wrong a few times before you learn the answer!

Let us know what you love and what you would add - we'll use your feedback to create new challenges for you to conquer with each update.

Run the race and see if you can get a best time!
Go for it!

User reviews:
"My friends and I absolutely adore this game! Every time I am with them we get on this app. Thank you so much for inventing this AMAZING GAME!"

"This is definitely the best game to play to keep your mind active :)"

"Cool game makes u stop and think about what you think are simple answers :)"

"Great thinking app. Tonight my son and I had a ball with this app!!! Great job guys!!!"

"Fun! Trying to be quick, learning something too!"

"Quick & fun way to pass the time. Just when you thought you knew every angle... They'll get you!!!"

"I love it I can play it all day. everyone should play this game. once you start playing you won't stop!"

"I need to go to bed but I keep wanting to play....I can't stop! :) A fun, non-stress way to end my day... Thank you!!"

"Awesome game to play with younger siblings! It makes us laugh and think together! (It's not cheating; it's teamwork.)"

"Great!  Grandson and I race to see who is the fastest. Great learning tool."


Peekaboo Studios LLC






760.72 MB






iPhone, iPad, iPod touch


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