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ThoughtJots Giveaway

iPhone Giveaway of the Day - ThoughtJots

An intuitive writing medium for avid, casual, and curious journalers.

This giveaway offer has expired. ThoughtJots is now available on the regular basis.

An intuitive writing medium for avid, casual, and curious journalers. Keep tabs on your internal world by jotting your thoughts in the most natural way yet.

ThoughtJots is a stream of consciousness digital journal. All you need to do is "Fill in the _____". Then elaborate if you're really feeling it. Not an interesting prompt? Just pass it. You get to decide whether something's worth jotting about.

Users who have never jived with journaling respond with delight at how effortlessly ThoughtJots taps into the way they process. It's designed to 'catch' your thoughts and feelings in an articulate manner without racking your head for the perfect words. Users reported elevated moods, improved clarity, and new personal insights... within just one writing session.

Your days of staring at blank pages with analysis paralysis are long gone. Soon enough you'll be compiling an invaluable index of personal experiences and expectations. Let's jot!

Your data will always be stored on your device and with your iCloud backup if enabled. We don't see or collect any of your personal data.

***Optional TouchID/FaceID journal locking***

***Over TWO HUNDRED FIFTY unique prompts to get you flowing***

***Beautiful, minimal, + functional design to keep distractions at bay***

***Set your own daily reminder notification time to best suit your needs***

***iCloud enabled to store online backups and cross device syncing***

***Works beautifully on iPad***


Joseph Kim






22.24 MB






iPhone, iPad

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