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TimePie Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - TimePie

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TimePie notifies you of the time when it passes certain points on the clock.
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*** Time flies when you're working from home. ***

Have you ever asked yourself "Great Scott! where did the time go!?"

Whether you're focused-in or zoned-out, TimePie notifies you of the time when it passes certain points on the clock. It also visualizes the time between those points as shrinking slices that change color when the time is almost up. The minimalist app keeps you numbers-free, notifying you of the time right when you need to know it.

Split your hour-long meeting into 20-minute blocks, or get notified every 15 minutes for an intense WFH session. Set a productivity goal for each slice, or beat procrastination by staying mindful of the passing time. TimePie also works great for visual learners and those with ADHD.

TimePie - Time awareness when time flies.

Now with the included Watch App, you can also see TimePie on your wrist. To see TimePie every time you raise your watch, you can set your Wake Screen to show the last app. That setting is in your Apple Watch, in Settings > General > Wake Screen.


Syed Maaz Nisar






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iPhone, iPad

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