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Tipease Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - Tipease

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Tipease is the best, no-frills tip calculator.
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Tipease is the best, no-frills tip calculator. Launch Tipease and one screen does everything with no clicking around or swiping through complicated setup procedures.

Choose between a basic slider to rate your service experience or an advanced sliding scale rating of your service speed, accuracy, attention and hospitality.

Change your minimum and maximum tip in Settings, and Tipease automatically customizes the app to match your personal tipping habits.

Subtract the tax and service fee or add the value of a discount or coupon with no trouble.

Effortlessly split the check up to 10 ways.

Round your total or your tip. A new advanced setting provides the option to round to the nearest ten for totals more than 100 and the nearest 100 for totals more than 1,000.

View your most recent calculation conveniently with a widget in your Notification Center or a quick 3D Touch on the app icon.

Tipease has a stylish and sophisticated interface and looks great on the iPhone X. The app is fully 64-bit optimized and comes with all features unlocked with no ads and no in-app purchases.


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iPhone, iPad

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