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TITAN By KRON Giveaway
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iPhone Giveaway of the Day - TITAN By KRON

Empowers you to reveal the patterns and rhythms of your life through your digital calendars.
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TITAN By KRON’s stunning and holistic design empowers you to reveal the patterns and rhythms of your life through your digital calendars. 


* Award winning KRON design and features (Apple App Store “Apps We Love”)

* The best Calendar App for viewing multiple calendar events simultaneously

* High-performance “pinch-zoom” and “panning” to travel across time

* See life-patterns - when you’re very busy and when you have free time

* Exclusive “Plasma” graphical display of calendar activity over long periods of time

* Choice of 2 Screens: “Time x Arc” and “List View”

* Access all calendars on your iPhone (iCal, Google Cal, Microsoft Exchange)

* Private and secure (https://www.kronarc.com/terms-privacy)

* Cosmically inspired UI design brings you the newest satellite App - TITAN by KRON

‘Clarity and Refinement’ in life combined with a ‘Quest for the Best’ is our ethos; our Stellar Team continues to defy convention as we explore new horizons of visual reasoning and elegance. 

If you are Fans of Nature, Sci-Fi, NASA missions, Freedom, Knowledge, Innovation, Aesthetics, Fine Arts and Experimental Sciences, Simplicity, Beauty, Design, UX/UI, Architecture, Cutting-Edge Technologies, Respect of Privacy, Data Security, Creativity, Discoveries in the Secrets of Complexity, Explorations, Challenges of The Unknown, Sweet Rewards from Hard Work, Engineering, Adventures, Ultimate Performance, Precision, Deep Thoughts and Analysis, Data Visualization, Big Picture Thinking, Aspirations for Advancement, you are likely an embodiment of these aspirations yourself, then My Friend, You will find Solace in Your New TITAN By KRON App.

If you love Movies and Works of Art in the realm of Stanley Kubrick’s and Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1969), Star Wars (1977 and others), Blade Runner (1984), Mel Gibson’s Braveheart (1995), Minority Report (2002), Disney’s TRON: Legacy (2010), Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt’s Live Die Repeat: The Edge of Tomorrow (2014), the upcoming sensational production of DUNE (Dec. 2020) and not to forget the revolutionary Star Trek with Spock (The Original Series, 1966), honestly any technology centric, excitement filled, fun-loving, and inspiration energizing works that transform conventional wisdom, you likely have strong aesthetic recognition yourself, then My Friend, You will recognize the compelling design elements inspired by these works in Your New TITAN By KRON App; it is designed with You in mind.

We love fan mail and feedback.  We encourage you to email us at support@kronarc.com or via https://www.kronarc.com whenever you please.

Trust your instincts and start experiencing the flow of time - Download and Enjoy!


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iPhone, iPad

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