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Practice questions in order to confidently pass the TLC test.
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TLC Exam Test Pro
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TLC Exam Test Pro is for aspiring NYC TLC Licensing exam students who want to practice questions in order to confidently pass the TLC test. The app has a sample test covering all the major topics to help you get an idea of an actual TLC exam. The app has over 260 questions and answers across all the major topics of the TLC exam. Please note that this app helps you prepare for the TLC exam and is not the actual TLC exam you take to obtain your TLC Driver’s license.

TLC Practice Exam Test Pro covers all the major topics you need to prepare for your NYC TLC License exam:

- Customer Service
- Vision zero
- Geography
- Safe diving skills and traffic rules
- TLC rules and regulations

Over 260 practice questions and answers for you to ace your TLC exam.

1) General Questions (Sample Test) – 80 questions and answers
2) Geography - 51 questions and answers
3) Safe Driving Skills – 31 questions and answers
4) TLC Rules and Regulations – 67 questions and answers
5) Vision Zero – 15 questions and answers
6) Customer Service - 15 questions and answers

TLC Practice Exam Plus features include:

1) Unlimited access to all 260 questions and answers
2) Access the questions you got wrong anytime
3) Save your favorite questions for future access
4) Unlimited repeat practice of all tests
5) Focused exam for each TLC topic
6) No ads
7) Easy and simple to use format
8) Pay once and use anytime


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